About Us

The inspirations at the heart of Propia Scarpa’s women’s footwear brand are beauty, unique design, quality of materials and skilled craftsmanship. With these things in mind our designer and creative director, Carmen Sanchez-Cid, aims to provide distinctive footwear for women.

We believe that every woman deserves to feel happy and unique. Our footwear is defined by a joyful sophistication and panache, which enable women to create their own personal statement.

A Londoner for many years, our designer, Carmen, comes from the heart of Spain, has a background in fashion, and is a trained shoe designer. She has a passion for creative shoe design, great materials and excellent Spanish craftsmanship.

Our footwear is all hand finished by skilled Spanish craftsmen and women, who bring to bear their great traditional heritage in footwear fabrication.

At Propia Scarpa we aim to continue developing beautiful and exclusive footwear that will bring pleasure and a sense of uniqueness to women. Join us on our journey and let our designs inspire you to complete your own personal style.